Trends in POWER


IBM Power Systems

Update your knowledge with the Druidics specialists on IBM Power Systems, learning about new trends in the platform.

Systems optimized and designed for a smarter computing

Based on POWER7 processor technology, Power Systems servers and blades continue to refine and expand its traditional performance programs.

POWER processor technology is an architecture of instructions sets that covers applications ranging from consumer electronics to supercomputers. POWER is based on an open architecture, making it an ecosystem that supports freedom of design.

  • Provide services faster, with superior quality and excellent economy.
  • Design systems optimized for workloads and specific business services.
  • Select the optimum operating environment for AIX, IBMi and Linux.
  • Consolidate and reduce costs with PowerVM virtualization.
  • Provide resistance without downtime with PowerHA and IBM Storage.
  • Build technology systems based on POWER7 processors.
  • Implement services in blades, modular servers and supercomputers.

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