Clearing Services

Nowadays, every organization owns a set of technological tools as a key pillar of their business processes. This pillar consists of heterogeneous hardware and software. Our service provides professionals certified in different solutions and highly experienced in services, all from a single point of contact and with integrated incidents management.


All these technologies count on a number of experts, certified by expertise and brand names, that use the pool hours according to each custumer´s needs and under a single contract.

What our service provides:

  • It’s simple: You can use the pool of contracted hours to access certified support on different platforms.
  • Expertise: Thanks to synergy, we have achieved a team accustomed to interacting with one another and with customers, and to quickly resolving incidents, backed by expertise and certifications granted by several referents of technology (Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Fortinet, Veeam, etc.).
  • Cost reduction: Integrated management reduces administrative fees, mobility costs and above all, time invested in researching problems.
  • Quick response: Immediate response to critical situations, avoiding bureaucracy and delays in assistance.
  • Support to IT Management: In addition to resolving incidents, professionals concerning each area can contribute their knowledge, based on experience, to advise middle managers and managers.