Druidics offers the following services

  • Database Servers: Installation and Configuration
  • Database optimization and tuning
  • Database Migration
  • Database Replication
  • Consultancy and advising in Databases
  • Implementations Audit and Database security
  • 7 x 24 and 5 x 9 technical support
  • Skill transfer and training for Database Administration, Development and Optimization
How will IBM DB2 help you reduce your IT investment?
  • DB2 automates some database management tasks. As a result, many database users report significant savings on database management costs.
  • Thanks to the DB2 storage compression, it takes less hardware to store data, and thus the power consumption requirements are reduced.
  • IBM provides an integrated set of data management solutions that enable collaboration amongst analysts, architects, developers and managers when working with data.
  • DB2 provides industry-leading performance across multiple workloads. This means you will need fewer servers to run your database, and it will help you save on software licenses, support and maintenance.

Move to DB2 today and enjoy these benefits, together with DB2’s strong tradition of reliability, flexibility and availability.

Informix Ultimate Edition

IBM Informix Enterprise Edition is based on Ultimate-C Edition and Workgroup editions, and it provides the broadest range of features available on all supported platforms.

Informix Ultimate Edition includes all Informix features on all supported platforms for application development, deployment and distribution with unlimited scalability. It includes full cluster and replication capabilities. Storage compression is an optional feature.

  • It allows an unlimited data storage, processors and memory use.
  • It includes the continuous availability feature that enables you to build a cluster of Informix instances around a single set of shared storage devices. Properly written applications can easily leverage this architecture for load-balancing or continuously available data services, even if one or more servers fail. It allows full high-availability cluster and enterprise replication functionality, including unlimited replication nodes and all high-availability cluster secondary instance types.
  • It includes the Informix SQL Warehousing Tool (SQW).
  • It includes the Advanced Access Control Feature (ACCF) that enables cell-, column- and row-level label-based access control (LBAC). Access to data can now be controlled down to an individual cell of information level, providing greater security for your critical data and sensitive customer information.
  • It includes Informix Spatial Datablade solution that can help you implement spatial data warehouses supporting your business intelligence objectives.

The storage optimization additional feature can reduce disk space use up to 80% while improving performance.