Management solutions of IBM enterprise content give organizations the ability to:

  • Capture, manage and share content by processes focusing on the content to add value to the specific results of each sector.
  • Improve decisions by identifying, evaluating and extracting knowledge from the content.
  • Retain and archive information effectively, complying with standards and facilitating access to reduce costs and risks.

Datacap Taskmaster Capture

Reduce costs and improve decision making with automated data.

This solution allows to extract information from paper documents entering organizations, using recognition engines based on rules. It presents a complete strategy to locate and extract data from structured and unstructured documents and convert them into useful information for making decisions.

Case Manager

Optimize results management gathering information, processes and people.

This solution gathers content, processes and people to provide a comprehensive view of the cases; in order to optimize results; IBM Case Manager provides a flexible infrastructure, a consistent approach and a set of integrated tools to manage cases.