The IBM y Lenovo based servers portfolio and IBM storage systems can help your company to solve today‘s common problems on infrastructure management. Druidics, as an IBM Premier Business Partner markets these products and offers the best technological value-added solutions:

Lenovo Servers
Lenovo servers based on x86 platform for Windows or Linux are designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified management capabilities, outstanding performance and revolutionary scalability.

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Blade servers come in a single chassis such as books on a shelf, and each one is a separate server with its own processors, memory, storage, network controllers, operating system and applications. The blade server simply slides into a bay of the chassis and connects to a mid-plane sharing power, fans, switches and flexible units with other blade servers.
The benefits of the blade approach will be obvious to anyone whose task is to install hundreds of cables strung through racks just to add or remove servers. With switches and power units shared, precious space is freed, and blade servers enable a higher density with far greater ease and reliability.

The most important and popular benefits of BladeCenter include:

  • Processor Options: Support for AMD, Intel, PowerPC and CELL processors.
  • Chassis Flexibility: Portfolio of five chassis that can support different blades and communication switches.
  • Energy and Cooling costs: Higher energy and cooling efficiency in 2 and 4-way blade systems.
  • Hot Swap Cooling: Redundant fan modules can be replaced while the system is online.
  • Integrated Energy Supply: Efficient energy management at chassis level.
  • 14 blades per chassis: energy efficiency, fewer switches and cables.
  • High availability Mid-plane and redundant pathways: Protecting investments for future technologies.
  • Integrated Media: Flexibility to install software and drivers locally and also remotely.
  • 4Gbps Fibre Channel Switches: Creating a wide range of high-performance SAN solutions.
  • Light path diagnostics: Leds identify a specific component with errors (even without the system power).
IBM System Storage
IBM Storage System offers a wide range of scalable devices to meet your storage needs, from the smallest server to the largest data center, to help you store, protect, retrieve and share your data.

The portfolio consists of the following solutions:

  • Disk Storage
  • Tape Storage
  • Storage Area Network
  • Network Attached Storage
Power System

Sistemas optimizados y diseñados para una informática más inteligente.

Based on POWER7 processors’ technology, servers and Power Systems’ blades continue to optimize and enlarge your traditional efficiency programs.

POWER processor technology is an architecture of instruction sets covering applications ranging from consumer electronics to supercomputers. POWER is based on an open architecture, that turns it an ecosystem that supports design freedom. With the IBM POWER technology you can…

  • Provide services more quickly, with superior quality and excellent economy.
  • Design systems optimized for workloads and specific business services.
  • Select the optimum operating environment for AIX, Linux, and IBMi.
  • Consolidate and reduce costs with PowerVM virtualization.
  • Provide resistance without downtimes with PowerHA and IBM Storage.
  • Create systems based on POWER7 processors technology.
  • Implement blade services, modular servers and supercomputers.