IBM Connections is a social software and is designed to meet the innovation needs of its company to facilitate interaction between employees, spread ideas, sharing procedures and relevant information of the various areas of your business. It allows professionals and company experts to share information, assign tasks and monitor them through activities, create discussion forums of technical topics serving conjunction with, wikis and blogs, as a knowledge base for solving future problems.


IBM Connections 4.5 remarkable characteristics

By using profiles, company employees can publish their skills for others to contact them and thus work together to solve problems as a team. They can also use references to other users using the @username at Twitter style.


With the different plugins for Windows Explorer and Lotus Notes, users can access shared files from a mapped drive as if it were a network drive:


From plugins notes, user can send to a new e-mail one or more files from the Files panel:


By creating a link to the file within the message, thus saving network traffic and disk space as the file is stored in a centralized repository:


With the plugin Activities, users can create and track tasks associated with an activity, add comments, mark them as done among other actions, from their Notes client: