The IBM Forms family enables you to rapidly build and deploy full-featured web form applications, collect data and automate forms-based business processes. Users of all skill levels can rapidly build and deploy form processing software applications like surveys and registration forms.

IBM Forms Experience Builder enables non-technical users to create web forms applications that can help improve efficiency and customer service, and responsiveness to customer needs. Business users will only have to design the form in the browser and then send or publish a URL for respondents, all without help from IT.

IBM Forms Experience Builder software allows you to:

Easily create forms

  • Drag & drop design experience with flexible layout, with graphically created advance features.
  • Simple role and user security assignments.
  • Simple creation and change of forms.
  • Quick to deploy.
  • Possibility of customization with JavaScript and CSS.

Display and analyze results

  • Easy-to-use web design targeted for business users.
  • Automatic data storage and creation of lists and graphics.
  • Simple role and user security assignments.

Use a simple workflow

  • Detail user access and roles. Display control.
  • Routing by rules.
  • Automate user notifications.
  • Possibility of relying on web services at every step.