Fortinet, the platform we assessed and selected to deliver solutions in Network Security, is a platform designed for security, that offers a great alternative to Unified Threat Management (firewall, IPS, antispam, antivirus, webfilter, logs, reports, static and dynamic routing, WANs and failover management, authentication of AD users and policies , radius, lpad, local users, messaging management and p2p, VPN and more).

In short, it’s a number of native features without restriction of users, which, in comparison to similar solutions in the market, clearly make it the most suitable for customers.


FortiGate devices compliance

Our team of professionals will assess the status of the Fortigate device configuration (based on FortiOS) regarding the best recommended security practices to date. The assessment covers the enabled services, the remote access configuration and the complexity of passcodes, among others. In addition, there will be reports on the use of licenses, interfaces status, upgrades, antivirus/malware settings and users privileges.

Assessment method

Through the use of valid credentials, the compliance status of the FortiGate devices will be assessed. This assessment includes the following sections:

  • Audit.
  • Authentication.
  • Management.
  • Enabled services.
  • Comunications.
  • Malware detection system settings.