Druidics made its official launch in Ecuador

Together with IBM, Avnet and 70 clients, we make an important event to tell the Ecuadorian market what we do, Marriott Hotel Quito was an excellent location.

“Get differentiated from the competition is becoming increasingly necessary as voracious market, we believe that value creation and innovation have never been so important as now,” says Uriel Schneid, President of Ecuador SA Druidics.

“We are confident that our services, built on the trust our customers have placed in us all these years, it will be well received in Ecuador,” says Gaston Moncho, Manager Druidics Ecuador SA.

Druidics was foundedin Rosario 15 years ago, in 2007 he landed in Buenos Aires and in 2012 in Tierra del Fuego, locations from which covers the entire national territory. In 2013, the company generated net revenues of over $ 20 million and plan this year to invest the sum of U$S 200,000, a figure that includes the inauguration.