Penetration Testing: by means of different methodologies and techniques, we carry out a comprehensive evaluation of weakness in computer systems. These evaluations emulate the techniques used at present by potential attackers. The customer receives a report consisting of two sections: executive and technical. Within these sections, findings are classified according to their critical nature together with the possible solutions.

Reports are easy to read and include graphics through which the IP address will be able to evaluate the level of risk of the organization just with a quick visualization.

Below, the Penetration Testing Services we offer:

  • Web App Penetration Testing.
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing.
  • Mobile Penetration Testing.
  • Penetration Testing and Virtual Infrastructure Compliance.

Vulnerability Assessment: Together with Penentration Testing services we also offer an automated Vulnerability Assessment service. By means of this assessment, it is possible to evaluate the technological infrastructure and identify, quantify and classify IT vulnerabilities that might have become automated.