Alvear Palace Hotel upgrades its IT systems

Druidics was selected as the company in charge of the implementation that will allow to centralize the management of three hotels that Alvear Hotel plans to be managing in 2013.

Alvear Palace Hotel

Currently, the Alvear Palace Hotel is working on two projects involving the construction of two new hotels in the city of Buenos Aires. The first of these, the Alvear Art Hotel, is located in the corner of Santa Fe and Suipacha streets and will be opening in the early months of 2012. The second, the Alvear Hotel and Residence, will be located in Puerto Madero and will be opening in 2013.

“One of the main issues was that we had to upgrade the hotelier system but it required new equipment, more modern than the servers we were using. We saw the opportunity to make a technological change, so we decided to acquire a Bladeserver” said Jorge Edelman, IT Manager of Alvear Palace Hotel.

Implementation and Druidics’s Professional services

The deployment was coordinated and developed by Druidics, with the participation of our IT area. “We ran a study of several blades suppliers and we chose IBM because of its competitive advantages in this technology. So we made ​​contact with Druidics, who accompanied us throughout the entire deployment”, said Edelman.

“To fit all the new infrastructure of the Hotel, including its core system Opera, a solution from IBM BladeCenter H was chosen (the largest of blade servers family), and also a external Storage. All this settled in order to achieve the higher availability, which resulted in redundant disks, redundant power supplies, redundant connections, so the IBM BladeCenter was ideal, since it’s the only in market that meets these needs. The solution is completed with an LTO tape library for backups. The rest of the Hotel systems were consolidated using VMware vSphere as hypervisor, which significantly reduced the management tasks while they earned on availability and flexibility in new deployments.”, said engineer Claudio Castro,Druidics’s Project Leader.

During the process it became necessary to update the Alvear’s mailing platform, outdated and with serious issues in security and performance. That was why they chose Zimbra as a collaborative solution, that also added features like mobile access, synchronization, Address Book, Calendar, AntiSpam, AntiVirus, among others. Druidics performed the migration of about 200 mailboxes succesfully. “Migration was almost transparent, and thanks to Zimbra our users can opt to access their email via the Web, mobile devices or desktops with the same features and look & feel,” said Juan Francisco Martinez, Systems Coordinator of Alvear Palace Hotel.
“That’s to say that the hotel is an organization that works 24 hours a day, therefore there is no ‘after hours’, which meant that we had to be extremely accurate with each task we were doing to minimize the impact.”, Castro added.


With IBM’s hardware they were able to reduce significantly the energy consumption of refrigeration and space, with a fully redundant and reliable infrastructure, the BladeCenter H. With VMware, it was possible to significantly reduce the amount of physical servers and administration.

Regarding to mail migration, through Zimbra we have achieved a robust, opened email platform, enterprise collaboration tools and easiness for FUTURE administration.
“In March 2012 the Alvear Palace Hotel plans to begin negotiations for facilities that will be needed to open the Alvear Art and we count on Druidics for these implementations.” ended Edelman.


– Hardware: IBM BladeCenter H
– VMware Virtualization
– VMware’s collaborative email: Zimbra

Business’s challenge
– Centralized management.
– Upgrades of Hardware.
– Migrate a Mail Platform.

– $ 90,000

– 3 months

Key benefits
– Reduction of energy consumption.
– Redundant and reliable infrastructure.
– Reduction of Physical Servers.
– A Mail Platform modern and easy to administrate.