Interview with Uriel Schneid – IT Sitio

Uriel Schneid spoke with ITSitio in the IBM PartnerWorld, where, of the 1,500 IBM Partners who attended, 5 were from Argentina, and one of them from Druidics.

“The event has reinforced what IBM is transmitting day by day, but this time they are pointing to value added, entering smarter commerce, and new acquisitions that IBM continues to make leveraging business solutions, either marketing or smarter city solutions”, said Druidics partner on the event held in New Orleans to the magazine.

Schneid explained that Druidics “Is a small integrator that was born as a software channel, based on everything related with collaboration and then moved into different areas of IBM software, TCM, Information Management. Druidics incorporate Hardware business in 2006 when installed in Buenos Aires. Today we are an integral channel”. And about his work with IBM said: “IBM is huge and you can not have the skills in all areas. We have a good partnering system and we try to put focus on the brands that we define as our core, like Business Analytics, TCM, etcétera. “.

Finally, the executive referred to Druidics diferentials over competitors: “The skills and expertise is what distinguishes us, specially in everything related to business analytics, and in traditional software applications or TCM we provide support to different types of customers, it is world-class support, and with this we hope to compete in other countries. ”

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 Entrevista a Uriel Schneid ITSitioEntrevista a Uriel Schneid ITSitio