As a VMware VIP Enterprise Partner, we have certified professionals for pre-sales and implementation of all services needed to help you with your virtualization projects. With the combination of VMware, the global leader in virtualization, and IBM hardware you can improve server utilization, increase productivity and have a simple and flexible environment in terms of operation when managing a datacenter, as well indirect benefits such as reduced cooling costs, power consumption and physical space.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is a proven technology that is rapidly changing IT environment and radically transforming the way in that people use computers. The current x86 powerful hardware is designed to run a single operating system and a single application, but virtualization has done away with these limitations by enabling simultaneous execution of multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same server, thereby increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware. Virtualization is a technology with great benefits for all users, from IT professionals and Mac users to corporations and government organizations. Learn with the Druidics professionals team to use virtualization to save time, money and energy.



Keep under control the excessive proliferation of x86 servers using virtualization to run multiple workloads on fewer servers and to reduce needs of future purchasing of servers.

Transform SW lifecycle using virtualization to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve quality in development and test environments.

Reduce downtime through high availability solutions and disaster recovery more cost effective, simple and reliable.

Improve security and administration of corporate PCs to reduce costs and risks and to improve the flexibility of desktops infrastructure.

Webinars: Virtualization of the Desktop with VMware View