Webinar: Disaster Recovery – RTO RPO, CAPEX, OPEX – What are we talking about? We talk about the business

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What do you look for when you think about business continuity?

To be prepared for potential risk scenarios should be a strategy designed to minimize your critical business systems recovery time. Create a disaster recovery plan. Allow monitoring of volumes involved (even outside the primary site). The recovery plan must be generated and updated automatically.
What does it contain? Detailed steps of recovery, automated scripts, and also offers the possibility of replicating the database outside the primary site, to assist the efforts of speed up the recovery.

When? Thursday October 27, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.
We will discuss

  • Automatic generation of a customized disaster recovery plan.
  • Detailed information about the facilities involved in the recovery.
  • Inventory of resources needed to recover the server and its clients.
  • Centralized management of disaster recovery.